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Hang Ben Hall
Sun and Moon Hall
Hangsheng Hall
Hang Yue Hall
Add:Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province town guali Air China Village
Hang Ben Hall


Location: 2 Building a House
Reservation Tel :0571-82889778
Is located in Building 2, a layer of the Office of Air Philippines, an area of 670 square meters which can accommodate 500 persons, equipped with a lifting projection system, imported sound system, stage lighting system which can organize large-scale conferences, training, senior banquets and performances .


Conference-servicing facilities:

Projector               Broadband           Wireless Microphone             Laptop

100/150 Screen    Laser player         Podium                                  LCD TV

Mobile Audio        Movable stage       DVD                                      Thoracic Mai

Laser Pointer       Follow Spot

Conference services:

Conference Reception      Business Meeting           Meeting refreshments Service

Services program             VIP reception services    Meeting Fruit Services

Background Design & Production   Ticket Service     Travel agent

Etiquette Services            Flower Service                Vehicles to shuttle

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